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B.C.’s Class 1 MELT course teaches both theoretical and practical aspects of an in-field training on a variety of highway driving conditions. The trainees will receive hands-on experience during their field training period, as well as being required to demonstrate competence by meeting designated conditions specific to the B.C. area climate and geography, including proficiency in operating vehicles through winding roads, narrow passes, or small bridges for example. A Class 1 MELT test just might be perfect for those who live and work in Southwestern B.C., wanting to learn how to drive safely over winter weather conditions that can vary from region to region depending on where you live within Canada’s boundaries.

Professional Driving Lessons

When you need to learn how to drive, New Era Driving School provides all the information and knowledge necessary to become an expert behind the wheel!

Flexible Timings

We offer flexible timing for our training and assessment process, which means you can take classes either on weekdays or over the weekends. We can even train you during the evenings too!

Affordable Pricing

We want to make sure you're fully covered while on the road. If we can save you money today, while still providing a friendly and professional service, then we're more than happy.

What You'll Learn

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